Special Olympics Scarf Project 2011

The Special Olympics Scarf Project 2011 is the latest evolution of a fairly new part of the Special Olympics celebration.

The original idea for the scarves happened in 2009, when the Boise Idaho World Winter Games put out a request for 5000 Red Heart Delft Blue and White scarves. Thinking this would be a good welcome gift for the visiting athletes, the organizers were amazed when almost 60,000 scarves flowed in from all around the US and several other countries!

In 2010…

Special Olympics Scarf Project 3

I discovered this project, which was sponsored again by the Idaho Special Olympics organization. I was able to knit up a few scarves and get them in the mail in time for the deadline. The colors for last year’s scarves were Red Heart Cherry Red and Grey Heather, and it was fun to try out a few new techniques on the scarves I made.

Special Olympics Scarf Project 2

Then I got to thinking---there are probably other people who ould like to do a quick project like this, and help a great organization like Special Olympics at the same time!

Fast Forward to 2011…

This year, the Special Olympics Scarf Project 2011 has gone national! We are supporting the Northern California Special Olympics organization, as you can see from the logo up top. We will be collecting hand-made scarves for this group, and we will ship them FOR FREE, in time for the competition!

What Can You Do?

To participate in the Special Olympics scarf Project 2011:

1) Pick up a skein of each of the designated Red Heart yarn colors; I have found them in stock at both Walmart and Joann’s for $2.23-$2.99 per skein.

a.Red Heart Super Saver 886 Blue
b.Red Heart Super Saver 512 Turqua

2) Choose a fun knit/crochet pattern(www.ravelry.com)

3) Make your scarf 6” wide x 54-60” long

4) Scarves must contain both colors

5) Finish your scarf by February 25, 2011

6) Upload a picture of your creation on Facebook

7) Place each scarf in an individual Ziploc bag.

8) Bring your scarf in by February 28, 2011.

9) Note your name and address,on a 3x5 card, to include with your scarf

10) You may also include a note of encouragement with your scarf; organizers have request that you do not include any contact information on the note. It should also remain outside of the plastic bag for your scarf.

And We’ll Take It From There!

We’ll box up all of the scarves we receive, and send them off in time to meet the deadline, with some help from out friends at UPS, who are generous enough to support our efforts to give back.

Post a Picture of Your Scarf on Facebook

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