Now You Need an Apostille?

An apostille may be required if you are have a document notarized, that will ultimately be filed in another country. This process is a form of document authorization, that a group of approximately 100 countries have agreed to accept in authenticating documents between countries.

The Hague Conference conceived/adopted this process in 1961. The countries involved agreed that an this would be the only certificate required to authenticate a document from another country.

For countries that are not part of the Hague Convention agreement, different forms of authorization may be demanded. You must contact the document author or the agency where the document will be filed for clarification about any additional document authentication requirements. These authentications may need to be obtained from entities such as the US State Department, foreign consulates, and/or foreign affairs ministers of other nations.

Apostille is French for "notation"

So Where Do I Go Now?

In California, an apostille service is obtained through the Secretary of State in Sacramento. Your document must first be notarized, and then taken to the Secretary of State's office. You will need to specify the country in which the document will be filed, to complete the process.

Notary Disclaimer

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