California Mobile Notary Public

California Mobile Notary


California Mobile Notary Public is the answer, for those times when you just can't get everyone in one place at one time--no problem, we can easily accommodate your needs, at your location.

Whether you are dealing with limited mobility, an illness, or simply have so much on your plate, you just can’t fit in a trip to our shop, we can take care of a notary at your convenience.

Mobile Notary California

Just a quick call, and we can schedule a time to come to your location, and your notary needs can be handled on-site. We bring all our notary tools with us to make it as easy as possible.

All of the requirements are the same as for notaries done at our shop, so we’ll ask a few questions at the time you schedule your notary appointment, just to make sure that you have everything you need to complete the notary process.

You can reach us through the link below, or use the Google Voice icon (top of the right column) to connect to us on the phone during business hours.

International Notary Public

Click here to Schedule a Mobile Notary Appointment

Notary Disclaimer

The information on this site is for your general information only. It does NOT constitute legal advice; it should NOT substitute for legal advice from an attorney familiar with your specific situation. You are using this information at your own risk.

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