Girl Scout Cookie History in a Nutshell!

  • 1917 Mistletoe Scout Troop (Muskogee, OK) makes/sells cookies at high school
  • 1922 First Girl Scout cookie recipe published in American Girl magazine
  • 1934 Girl Scouts from the Greater Philadelphia Council sell first commercially baked cookies
  • 1935 Girl Scout Federation of Greater New York uses trefoil-shaped die to create uniform shaped cookies.
  • 1937 Over 125 Girl Scout troops sold cookies
  • WWII Girl Scout cookies sales halted, due to key ingredient shortages
  • 1948 29 commercial bakers licensed to bake Girl Scout cookies
  • 1951 Three varieties of cookie were distributed: Shortbread, Chocolate Mints (Thin Mint predecessor) and Sandwich.
  • 1956 Chocolate based filled cookie added to assortment
  • 1960 Girl Scout cookie packaging altered to preserve freshness
  • 1961 14 commercial bakers licensed to produce Girl Scout cookies
  • 1966 Peanut Butter Sandwich added to cookie assortment
  • 1978 Licensed commercial bakers reduced to 4; packaging designs made uniform
  • 1979 Girl Scout logo used on cookie boxes updated to more contemporary design
  • 1982 Thin Mints, Shortbread, and Sandwiches were offered nation-wide; four optional cookie flavors were regionally available.
  • 1984 Special decorative tins for Girl Scout Cookie gift samples
  • 1990s Commercial bakers consolidated to two—producing eight types of cookies in the assortment
  • 1998 One more commercial bakery licensed to make cookies Awards for Cookie Drive participation are initiated.

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