Have an International Notary Need?

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e often perform international notary acts for documents that are not in English. The documents can be in any language or alphabet, providing the following requirements are met.

These requirements are in additional to all of the acknowledgment or jurat specifics noted in Notary Forms,

  • We must be able to communicate directly with the document signer

  • We cannot use a translator

  • The type of notary must be specified by the document originator or the document signer

  • We must be able to identify the document to record in our journal

  • There can be no blank fields in the document

  • The notarial language must be in English

  • The document must be signed in English

  • All ID requirements must be met

Authentication Requirements

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Once an international document has been executed, you may need to perform the additional step of authentication or obtaining an apostille. Please check with the document originator, or the agency for where the document will be filed, to ensure you complete all the steps required to ensure you will be able to file your document successfully.

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