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Hello, I read your page concerning International Notary and have some further questions. Are you saying that your California Notary appointment gives you international jurisdiction as long as the document is in English and complies with the other requirements listed on that page?

Thank you TRT

Thank you for your question! Your question is really two-fold:

1) Can a California notary public notarize a document that will be filed in another country?

2) Does a California notary public have international jurisdiction, e.g., can they notarize documents when they are physically located outside California?

We actually notarize many documents in english and other languages that are then filed in other countries.

We need to follow all California laws for notarizing the document, which would include having anyone who is being notarized on the document actually appear in person in front of the notary public, with their government issued photo ID.

Once the document is notarized, there may be some additional requirements before filing the document in the destination country; for example, many countries require documents that are notarized to then have an apostille or certification affixed, prior to filing the document. An apostille basically certifies the authenticity of my signature as the notary public who signed the document, my capacity as a notary public, and when appropriate, the identity of the notary seal.

The requirements for the specifics of filing a document in another country are driven by that country's requirements; as a California notary public, I have jurisdiction to provide notary public services within the state of California, on any documents presented to me for notarization. I do not have jurisdiction to provide notary services when I am physically located outside of California.

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