Private Mailbox Rental at the Carmichael Box Shop

Never worry about your mail and packages sitting on your front porch all day again! A private mailbox rental can be just the right answer to help you manage your mail and package shipments, safely and securely in one place. We are conveniently located in the BelAir Shopping Center, it’s a quick stop to pick up mail and packages while you are running errands. Here are some of the features and benefits we offer, to take the worries out of your mail receiving!

Mailbox Your mailbox will use our shop street address, instead of a P.O. Box, which can give a professional image for businesses. It also allows you to keep your residential address private, which helps deter identity fraud. Home-based businesses, sales reps and internet-based businesses find using a private mailbox is an easy way to keep business and personal correspondence/shipping separate. Reduce the possibility of mail theft from your home or apartment mailbox, and no more packages sitting on your front porch all day!

Mailbox Security Our mailboxes are anonymous and private. Your personal information is safe with us! We are an Authorized Commercial Mail Receiving Agency, as well as an USPS Authorized Shipping location. We work closely with the U.S. Post Office to make sure there is the same level of mail privacy as there is in the U.S. Post Office, and we are monitored to ensure we meet those standards. These postal regulations are in place to make certain that your mail will be handled with care and professionalism. Experienced professionals handle your mail privately and securely.

24 Hour Accessibility 24 hour/7 day access to your mailbox. Our mailboxes are located in a well lit lobby at the front of our shop. We're always happy to see you during business hours, but sometimes the business day just doesn't match your schedule. On those days when you just get home too late, or don’t get back into town until Sunday, your mail is always available to you.

Receive Packages from all Major Carriers Don’t miss a delivery while you are away from home or business! We accept packages from USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and OnTrac, as well as private couriers; P.O. boxes can only accept shipments delivered by USPS. We sign for your packages, and they are held in a secure environment, until you pick them up.

Email and Text Message Notification Ding! Dong! It’s your mailbox calling! We have integrated a mail sensor system that alerts you to the arrival of first class mail, packages that are too big to fit in your mailbox, and packages requiring your signature. Save gas and time, by only making a trip when you have been notified of mail or a package waiting for you! And it’s FREE with your private mailbox rental!

We Send Your Mail to You on the Road Traveling? Out of Town on business for the next quarter? No problem! For a modest fee, we can forward your mail to you wherever you are! We forward your mail weekly, monthly or whenever you call; you can pre-arrange the destination, or call us from the road. We can also hold your mail for you until you return.

Don't Miss Bills and Mail when You Move Moving? A private mailbox is a great answer to frequent moves. You will have a consistent address, and minimize the chance of missed or late payments, which have become more critical in our current economic climate. Now you'll know exactly where your mail will be received---no more phone calls tracking down missing bills and checks!

Free Incoming Faxes FREE incoming faxes for all of our mailbox clients! Have your faxes sent to us, and we will place them directly into your mailbox, available for retrieval at your convenience. No more lost faxes because you’ve run out of paper or toner! This might be the way to get rid of the expense of the second phone line you have for your fax machine.

Postage stamps at cost Postage stamps at cost! Why stand in line at the post office when you can pick up stamps when you pick up your mail—all in one trip! You may purchase stamps individually or in books of 20 first class stamps. We also offer a secure place for you to mail your bills and invoices; we have a daily mail pickup.

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GIF: SPRIZE KITTENGRAM! Our private mailboxes can cure your mailbox blues! You can rent a mailbox in just a few moments, and be certain that all of your mail and package deliveries are safe and secure---even when you're out of town!

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