Name on the Document Does Not Match

by Linda Widdowson
(Phelan, CA USA)

My grandma named my mother as beneficiary in her life insurance policy and it was notarized. 3 months later, a family member was renamed beneficiary in a notarized document that misspells my grandma's name and my mothers name; in addition the signature on the second document does not match the signature on the first document.

Thanks for your question! If you have questions about the validity of a notarization, you should consult an attorney to determine next steps. Copies of both journal entries can be requested from the notaries public that performed the service, for comparison purposes.

Important to note, in the notary process, we are validating the identity of the person signing the document, and comparisons to physical description and signatures are made between the document and the valid ID presented---there is never any comparison made to other/previous documents, as it is not relevant to the signing of this document.

If there are other names in the document that are mis-spelled, the notary public would have no way to verify or know that, nor is it a part of the notary process.

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