Notarial Statement Requirements

by Corinne Poirier
(Carmichael, CA)

Hello I am typing up a letter authorizing my son to travel out of country with his father ( my husband). We will probably bring it you to be notarized next week. What should your signature part say/look like?


Corinne Poirier

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Jun 26, 2017

by: Jan

Thanks for your question! If you already have created the document you need to have notarized, you will need to decide which type of notarial act you want performed:

1) Jurat-you are swearing that everything in the document is true/correct to the best of your knowledge.
2) Acknowledgment-you are acknowledging it is your signature on the document and you are the person authorized to do whatever the document describes.

As a notary public, we cannot tell you or advise you which of the notarial acts to choose-only the originator of the document may select the type of notarization required.

Once you have determined whether you need a jurat or an acknowledgment, we have the required working for both, and can easily attach it to your document when you come in.

See you soon!

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