Notary Signing Agents Help Execute Real Estate Paperwork

Notary Signing Agents


otary signing agents can help you sort out that overwhelming stack of papers you have to complete for any type of real estate transaction. When you first open that thick envelope, it can be hard to figure out where to start!

Back in the day, you used to be able to take any documents you had to get notarized to your local bank, and they would take care of it for you.

Times have changed……

Nowadays, most banks will only notarize documents that are part of a transaction that the bank has initiated. If your documents are not specific bank business, they will likely refer you to an independent notary.

Notary Signing Agents 2 Not to worry---bring the entire stack of documents to us at Carmichael Box Shop, and we can help you sort it out! With 3 notaries public on our team, you won’t need an appointment, just come on in!

Make Sure You Allow Enough Time....

This paperwork typically involves notarizing multiple documents. Every individual signature being notarized, on each document, is a separate notarial act, and each notarization takes about 5 minutes.

A typical set of real estate documents may contain 7 documents requiring notarization, and if there are 2 signers on each document, this process could take over an hour. Please allow enough time to complete all of the notarizations your documents require.

Notary Disclaimer

The information on this site is for your general information only. It does NOT constitute legal advice; it should NOT substitute for legal advice from an attorney familiar with your specific situation. You are using this information at your own risk.

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