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Mar 10, 2018

Notarizing foreign documents

In CA, if an notary public verifies ID of another person concerning transfer of properties in a foreign country, is an entry made in the journal on what

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Jun 26, 2017

Notarial Statement Requirements

Hello I am typing up a letter authorizing my son to travel out of country with his father ( my husband). We will probably bring it you to be notarized

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May 22, 2017

What Are Notary Public Fees?

Notary Public fees are set for each notary act. For most of us, that means there is a notary fee for each signature being notarized.

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Nov 15, 2015

Expired Drivers License with Maiden Name

My 14 yr old daughter needs a passport. Her Father will be taking her to the post office, and I will sign the consent through notary due to me not being

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Aug 10, 2013

Expired Driver's License

Is an expired California driver's license acceptable identification for notary? Great question, and one we run into all of the time! An expired driver's

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Jun 19, 2013

Name on the Document Does Not Match

My grandma named my mother as beneficiary in her life insurance policy and it was notarized. 3 months later, a family member was renamed beneficiary in

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Apr 23, 2013

Livescan Fingerprinting

Do you provide fingerprinting services? If so, do you take walk-ins, or do I need to make an appointment? We do provide fingerprinting services; we do

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Feb 27, 2013

Types of Girl Scout Cookies

Are your favorite types of Girl Scout cookies still available? Check our Girl Scout cookie list to be sure!

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Feb 21, 2013

Girl Scout Cookie Order Form You Can Use!

Need to know how to order Girl Scout Cookies? Come in to Carmichael Box Shop to place your order!

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Feb 21, 2013

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time at Carmichael Box Shop!

Girl Scout Cookie fever is upon us! You know you've looked forward to this day since you ate the last Thin Mint out of the freezer last May!

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Feb 21, 2013

Girl Scout Cookies Nutrition Facts For You

Questions about how many thin mints you can eat before you have to schedule another trip to the gym this week?

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Jan 15, 2013

What Types of Documents Can Every Notary Public Notarize?

My husband just became a Notary Public but says that he must take additional courses in order to notarize forms such as lending applications, purchases

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Aug 03, 2012

How Many Acceptable IDs Are Required?

Great question! In California, according to the Secretary of State, you will only need to have one valid form of required ID to complete a notarization.

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