Shipping for Spills

Carmichael Box Shop will ship donated hair/fur,FOR FREE, to warehouses in the gulf, where it will be made into oil absorbent booms, to combat the ever growing oil spill.

Carmichael Box Shop is supporting a national drive to collect human hair and animal fur to be uses in cleaning up oil from the Gulf of Mexico spill. Carmichael Box Shop will be accepting hair and fur from local hair salons and pet groomers, and shipping it to the Gulf area, where it will be made into oil absorbent booms.

While crews continued battling the oil that continues to gush into the Gulf through the weekend, Carmichael Box Shop distributed flyers to local hair stylists and pet groomers, soliciting hair and fur donations to help fight the environmental disaster.

Hair stylists are invited to save hair that is normally discarded during styling, and bring it to Carmichael Box Shop, where it will be sent, FREE OF CHARGE, to various warehouse collection sites in the Gulf to make oil-retaining booms. Animal hair from pet groomers is also needed.

"Simply put, we shampoo because hair collects oil. It soaks up skin oils, grabs oil from the pollution in the air, and it can soak up petroleum in oil spills," Lisa Craig Gautier wrote on the website for her nonprofit Matter of Trust, which is coordinating what has become an international project.
Across the nation and beyond, thousands of hair salons, barber shops, pet groomers, wool farmers and others have been answering her organization's call for confronting the crude – with a low-cost recycling of natural waste.

The group's website ( says hundreds of thousands of pounds of hair, fur, wool and the like have been shipped to donated warehouse space, where thousands of volunteers are stuffing the stuff into nylon hosiery that's also been given to the cause.

The Carmichael Box Shop has increased the percentage of recycled material used in the corrugated boxes sold, and is a packing peanut recycling location for the Plastic Loose Fill Council. “We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our footprint on the environment,” said Jan Sangl, co-owner of Carmichael Box Shop.
“This aligns with our goal of doing business in an eco-friendly manner,” she said. “We have sent boxes for individual hair salons to in the past; by donating the cost of shipping for the next month, we hope to multiply the impact. In short, we all need to look for things we CAN do, and Carmichael Box Shop CAN ship hair and fur for this project.”

The gulf spill response is the latest project for Matter of Trust, a San Francisco-based environmental nonprofit. Conceived in 1999 by Gautier and her husband, the organization connects donors and users of surplus manmade and natural products and directs environmental education. Other projects use excess human hair to create oil spill cleanup mats and use worms to turn mat oil collections into fertilizer.

Hair/fur donations for the oil spill project may be brought to Carmichael Box Shop, located at 4005 Manzanita Avenue, Suite 6, Carmichael CA 95608. Hair/fur must be contained in closed plastic bags, which will be consolidated for shipping to warehouses. Please make sure that no foreign materials are mixed in with hair/fur. Additional information about donating hair/fur for this project can be obtained by calling 916-484-7363.

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