Terms and Conditions of Service

Customer agrees to the Terms and Conditions of Carmichael Box Shop, carrier(s) and any third party value protection providers.

Unless another value is declared, in writing, prior to shipping, each parcel shall be deemed to have a maximum value of $100, if carried by UPS, DHL or FedEx, and no value if carried by USPS or any other freight company.

Payment of fees for value protection does NOT guarantee coverage; subject to Terms and Conditions.

Carmichael Box Shop reserves the right to open and inspect any item tendered for packing and/or shipment. Refusal of inspection by customer may result in refusal to insure or refusal to ship by the store.

Hazardous materials and those prohibited by the carrier or any governmental body will not be accepted for shipment. Customer assumes all liability and responsibility for any illegal or hazardous material shipments.

Customer accepts full responsibility for any damage to articles not packed by Carmichael Box Shop. Carriers may limit the payment of claims to their own definitions of “appropriate packing”. Customer is responsible for determining proper specifications for articles not packed by Carmichael Box Shop. Acceptance of customer packed or partially packed items is not a certification of proper packaging.

Resolution of damage claims depends solely on the carrier and/or third party value protection carrier’s assessment of packaging, whose decision shall be final.

In no event shall Carmichael Box Shop be liable for any consequential, incidental or special damages arising from loss, damage, non-delivery, or delayed delivery. This limitation shall apply to, but not be limited to, damages for loss of profit or income.

Customer warrants that the address provided is complete and accurate, and agrees to hold the store harmless for packages that are lost or mis-delivered because of an inaccurate address. If carrier is required to correct the address or deliver to another address, customer agrees to pay reasonable fees associated with this additional service.

Customer understands that carriers do NOT obtain a delivery signature unless this service is requested and paid for.

Customer is responsible for furnishing adequate information to permit Carmichael Box Shop and the carrier to investigate claims for loss or damage. Such information shall include, but not be limited to: Recipient’s name, address, telephone number, date of shipment, parcel contents & description, value, and package ID or tracking number.

In the event of parcel damage, Carmichael Box Shop will initiate a claim. NO claims will be processed unless all original packaging materials and items shipped are made available to the inspector. All packaging must be saved until notified by Carmichael Box Shop. Obvious damage should be noted, by the recipient on the delivery documentation. Damage claims must be submitted to Carmichael Box Shop within 15 days of date on receipt.

In the event of loss or damage of any article, Carmichael Box Shop’s liability shall be limited to the lesser of (a) the actual cash value of the article or (b) the amount necessary to repair or replace the article, or (c) the amount declared by the customer, in writing, at the time of shipment.

In order to establish actual cash value in the event of damage or loss, customer is responsible for furnishing Carmichael Box Shop with an original invoice, receipt or appraisal which is not more than one year old. The amount declared by customer at the time of shipment is not an acceptable proof of value.

Customer agrees that once a claim for loss or damage has been paid, customer waives all rights to file further claims on that particular shipment.

Claims for service failures must be submitted within 15 calendar days from the date of shipment.

In the case of items shipped via the United States Postal Service, customer is fully aware that claims or tracking is impossible without the purchase of special services at the time of shipment.

Carmichael Box Shop reserves the right to add, revise, or subtract from these terms and conditions. Please refer to your shipping documentation for additional limitations.

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