What is a Notary Seal

by Diane Johnson
(Long Beach, CA, US)

I am notarizing loan docs and it has been awhile. I continue to keep my notary active in the event it's needed. However, I am signing loan docs and in the signature block it says seal. Is my seal also required there to notarize the signature of the borrower?. I know that before when you say seal it just represented the signature of the signee...

Thank you for asking! I need to clarify 2 things in your question:

1) If you are the person signing the documents, you cannot notarize your own signature; you must find another notary, that is not named in the document, to notarize the document.

Signed and sealed, when referring to the signer of the document, indicates the space for the signer to place their signature or their mark on the document. For most people, this simply means their signature.

2) If you are acting as the notary public for this document transaction, your signature and mark are the combination of your hand-written signature and your notary stamp or seal. The notary public's signature/seal will only be called for in the notarial wording after the end of the actual document.

The notary seal should always be in close proximity to the notary's signature. If there is not enough room to fit the notary seal next to the notary signature space on the actual document, a separate page with the complete required notarial wording should be used, and the notary public's signature and stamp would appear on that page, which will then be attached to the original document.

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